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This project is really from dream to reality. This client knew that they wanted to make a statement of open spaces, lots of natural light, and sweeping architectural details. And they were elated for being referred to us.

Tall vertical lines and glass curtain walls with stainless steel railing allow openess and light. We designed the interior glass panel stair case and glass and rail system sparkle in the enhanced lighting system.

The amazing glass fireplace is truely a focal point. It adds warmth, but looks more like a piece of scuplture. The kitchen design includes a custom skylight which brings in natural light and raises the ceiling height.

I served the role of design director for this project, acting to:

  • worked with AIA to create technical drawings from Design Concept Plans
  • finalized orders and confirm project details and decisions
  • acted as purchasing agent
  • negotiated contracts with specialty subcontractors
  • directed technicians in the installation of light, media, fireplace, waterfall designs and window systems
  • supervised installation of custom cabinets and all specialty subcontractors